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Fred Schmalz

        Seal of the Family Sir Schmalz
Seal of the Family Sir Schmalz
The work of a blacksmith is one of the oldest professions in the world. Over the centuries, this work has not lost any of its fascination and actuality.

One of the true Masters of this Art is
Fred Schmalz.

Everyone, who has ever seen one of his knifes will be carried away instantly as
Fred Schmalz delivers first-class pieces, guaranteed hand-made and individual.

From the forge-welding of the multilayered Damascus billet to the handcrafted handle – Fred Schmalz, born in 1949, puts all his passion in each and every knife so that you almost can 'feel' the level of detail, perseverance and time it takes until one of his masterpieces is finished.

There are only few blacksmiths left in Germany, which are willing enough to undertake the laborious and time-consuming task to create hand-made precious blades like he does. The procedure has been known through the Centuries by the Celts in Europe as well as in traditional communities in Indonesia and Japan. Only repeated welding of the iron produces Damascus steel in the end. The procedure becomes visible by etching of the surface as a last step.

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