Precious works of Damascus steel

Rings made of Damascus steel with an inlet of Silver.

Damastringpaar mit Silbereinlage
Damastring mit Silbereinlage

Two very valuable knifes with elaborate engraved ivory handles.
The ivory naturally comes from certified sources!

Gravurbeispiel in zert. Elfenbein
Banddamast Bavaria

Left: Engraving of a knife for a wedding.

Right: A Sax. The sax was borne in the Merovingian and Carolingian times (5. - 9. century). It was the predominant cut-and thrust weapon of the Nobel Men. The size with a length of about 40 - 60 cm and a width of 3 - 4 cm made it the standard weapon in Central Europe for centuries. It was only through the Viking area when it became best known.

Gravurbeispiel zur Hochzeit